Course Highlights

    • 1+ Hours of Course Content
    • Covers Python Basics
    • Absolutely Free
    • 1 Year Course Access
    • Quick Doubt Clarification
    • Telegram Developer Community
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  • Who Should Attend

    • No prior coding experience required
    • Anybody interested in coding
    • Any Degree, Engineering & IT Students
    • Early Professionals
  • Job Opportunities

    • Python Developer
    • Backend Programmer
    • Automation Engineer
    • First Step towards DataScience, ML & Testing careers

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Python Basics

    • Welcome Message

    • Course Preview

    • What is Python

    • Who should Learn Python?

    • Join Developer Community

    • Why Python

    • How to learn Python

    • Basics Of Programming

    • Python Installation & Setup

    • My First Python Program

    • Instruction Execution in Python

    • Variables

    • Taking User Input

    • Build Calculator Exercise

    • Concepts Quiz

    • Strings from Beginning

    • String Manipulation

    • Working With Numbers

    • Strings and Numbers Quiz

    • How do you feel about the course till Now ?

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Expert Instructor

 Rakesh Kothari

Co-founder & CTO

Rakesh has 12+ years of industry experience building enterprise applications at scale. He has worked across banking and insurance domains with top companies. He is an Engineering graduate from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore and has expertise across technologies like Python, Java, Android, Javascript and MERN Stack. Rakesh recommends Python as the go-to programming language for beginners. He feels it is the best to start with as a newbie into the programming world and has simple easy to understand english-like statements.