Course Highlights

    • Batch Starts Aug 23rd
    • 30 Days Session
    • 7:30 PM to 9 PM
    • 50 Hrs of LIVE Online Training
    • Access to Recorded Courses
    • Concepts Explained in Kannada
    • Completion Certificate
    • Build hands on real world projects
    • Doubt Clarification
    • Interview Preparation
    • Career Assistance
  • Who Should Attend

    • Working Professionals
    • Students & Freshers
    • Professors
  • Job Opportunities

    • Automation Engineer
    • ML Engineer
    • Data Scientist
    • Data Analyst

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Machine Learning

    • Why do we use python?

    • Types of Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement Machine Learning

  • 2

    Python towards Machine Learning

    • Introduction to Python

    • How to install Python and Python IDE

    • Get started with the First Python Program - Hello world

    • Comment and add a note

    • How to assign Variables

    • Python Data Types

    • Operators and Conditional Statements

    • Loops

    • User Defined functions and Oops Concepts

Completion Certificate by MicroDegree

On completion of course become a proud alumni of MicroDegree. MicroDegree is chosen among top innovative startups by Government of Karnataka's flagship Elevate Call-2 program

Learner Review

  • Akshata Kothari

    Thank you so much for this course. The concepts explained by the trainer was really good and clear. As it was in kannada it helped me in understanding the concept better.

  • karthik k

    You are giving examples for every concept which makes us learn faster. Excellent. Keep going

  • Chethana Amin

    It's really a good thought to start a course in kannada. It helps lot of people.

  • Divya G

    Explaining in Kannada is understanding in good manner

  • Deepashree N

    Awesome thing... u guys made python very very easy which can be learnt in our mother tongue.... thank you...

  • Monica Govindappa

    Learning in Kannada is helping out to grasp things quickly over all making it to learn in an interesting way.

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