Course Highlights

    • 5+ Hours of Course Content
    • Quizzes and Projects
    • 1 Year Course Access
    • No Prior Coding Knowledge
    • Instant Doubt Clarification
    • Telegram Developer Community
    • Certification of Completion
    • Become an Alumni of MicroDegree
    • Unlimited access*
  • Who Should Attend

    • No prior coding experience required
    • Anybody interested in learning coding and wants to become a Web Developer
    • Any Degree, Engineering & IT Students
    • Early Professionals
  • Job Opportunities

    • Software Developer
    • Backend Programmer
    • Web Developer
    • Stepping stone towards becoming a Full-Stack Developer

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the course

    • Introduction to the course and what to expect from this course

    • What is PHP? Anatomy of a PHP program

    • Join Developer Community

    • Course Structure

  • 2

    Installation and Overview.

    • Installing Visual Studio Code

    • Installing Xampp

    • How PHP gets executed behind the scenes?

    • Referral Program

  • 3

    Variables, Constants and Data Types.

    • What are Variables and Data Types

    • Constants

    • Student Feedback

    • Keep Updated!

  • 4

    Strings and Numbers

    • Strings and String Methods

    • Numbers in PHP

  • 5


    • What are Arrays-Part 1

    • What are Arrays-Part 2

    • What are Arrays-Part 3

  • 6

    Loops in PHP

    • for loop

    • foreach loop

    • while loop

    • do-while loop

  • 7

    Functions in PHP

    • What are functions?

    • Value & Reference

    • What are return statements?

  • 8

    Conditionals and Comparisons.

    • What are comparison operators?.

    • if conditional

    • switch statements

  • 9

    Dates and TimeStamps

    • How does Date object work in PHP?

  • 10

    Include and Require in PHP?

    • Include and Require in PHP?

    • How does Date object work in PHP?

  • 11

    What are superglobals in PHP?

    • How $_SERVER superglobal works in PHP?

    • $_POST and $_GET in php

  • 12

    Ternary Operators and ShortHand Syntax

    • What are ternary operators? And why do we need it?

  • 13

    Filters and Validation in PHP

    • Filters and Validation in PHP

  • 14

    Exercise: Building a PHP contact form.

    • Building a PHP contact form.

  • 15

    Sessions and Cookies in PHP

    • What are sessions in PHP?

    • Cookies in PHP

  • 16

    PHP and AJAX

    • What is AJAX? Why do we need it?

  • 17

    File system in PHP.

    • File system in PHP

  • 18

    Object Oriented PHP

    • Classes and Objects

    • Getters and Setters in OOPS

  • 19

    Building a CRUD App to explain database connectivity

    • Intro to MYSQL! MySQL connection and querying database.

    • Adding and fetching data from DB.

    • Update and Delete operation on DB.

    • Congratulations!

    • Referral Program

  • 20

    Bonus - Github for Interview

    • What is Github?

    • Why Github?

    • Build Github Profile from Zero

    • Upload Project Files to Github

    • Upload Folder + Profile Hack + Summary

    • Certification Instructions

Learner Review

  • Akshata Kothari

    Thank you so much for this course. The concepts explained by the trainer was really good and clear. As it was in kannada it helped me in understanding the concept better.

  • karthik k

    You are giving examples for every concept which makes us learn faster. Excellent. Keep going

  • Chethana Amin

    It's really a good thought to start a course in kannada. It helps lot of people.

  • Divya G

    Explaining in Kannada is understanding in good manner

  • Deepashree N

    Awesome thing... u guys made python very very easy which can be learnt in our mother tongue.... thank you...

  • Monica Govindappa

    Learning in Kannada is helping out to grasp things quickly over all making it to learn in an interesting way.

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