Course Highlights

    • 4+ Hours of Course Content
    • Quizzes and Projects
    • 1 Year Course Access
    • No Prior Coding Knowledge
    • Instant Doubt Clarification
    • Telegram Developer Community
    • Certification of Completion
    • Become an Alumni of MicroDegree
    • Unlimited access*
  • Who Should Attend

    • No prior coding experience required
    • Anybody interested in learning coding
    • Any Degree, Engineering & IT Students
    • Early Professionals
  • Job Opportunities

    • Software Developer
    • Backend Programmer
    • Stepping stone towards becoming Software Developer

Completion Certificate by MicroDegree

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to the Course

    • Installing Code Editors

    • Join Developer Community

    • What is Problem solving?

    • What is C Programming?

    • Your First “hello world” Program

    • Simple Input and Output

    • Comments in Programming

    • Variables and Basic Data types

    • Working with Numbers and Math Operators

    • How do you feel about the course till Now ?

    • What are Constants?

    • Building a Basic Calculator

  • 2

    Strong Foundations

    • Introduction to Conditionals: If Statements

    • If else & Nested if else.

    • Ternary (conditional) Operator in C

    • Switch Statements in C.

    • Introduction to Loops in Programming.

    • While Loop.

    • Do-While Loop.

    • For Loop.

    • Student Feedback - 1

    • Keep Updated!

    • Referral Program

  • 3


    • Functions in C

    • Passing Arguments and Parameters in C.

    • Return Values in Function.

    • Pass by Value and Pass by Reference.

    • Scope Rules in C

    • Arrays in C

    • Types of Arrays

    • Passing Arrays as a Parameter

    • Multi-dimensional Array and Nested loops -Part 1

    • Multi-dimensional Array and Nested loops -Part 2

    • Exercise

  • 4


    • Pointers in C

    • Array of pointers.

    • Passing Pointers as Parameters to a Function.

    • Dereferencing Pointers.

    • Memory addresses.

    • Strings in C.

    • Reading files in C.

    • Writing files in C.

    • Student Feedback - 2

  • 5


    • Build a Number Guesser Game in C

    • Linkedlist PART-1

    • Linkedlist PART-2

    • Congratulations!

  • 6


    • Certification Instruction

    • Referral Program

  • 7

    Bonus - Github for Interview

    • What is Github?

    • Why Github?

    • Build Github Profile from Zero

    • Upload Project Files to Github

    • Upload Folder + Profile Hack + Summary

Learner Review

  • Akshata Kothari

    Thank you so much for this course. The concepts explained by the trainer was really good and clear. As it was in kannada it helped me in understanding the concept better.

  • karthik k

    You are giving examples for every concept which makes us learn faster. Excellent. Keep going

  • Chethana Amin

    It's really a good thought to start a course in kannada. It helps lot of people.

  • Divya G

    Explaining in Kannada is understanding in good manner

  • Deepashree N

    Awesome thing... u guys made python very very easy which can be learnt in our mother tongue.... thank you...

  • Monica Govindappa

    Learning in Kannada is helping out to grasp things quickly over all making it to learn in an interesting way.

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