Key Highlights

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  • 4+ hours of Learning

  • Explained in ಕನ್ನಡ

  • Quizzes and Mini-Projects.

  • Life-time access

  • Certification of Completion.

  • Join our Developer Community.

  • 1+ hours covered  |   Fresh course content added daily

Sample Certificate

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Job Scope : Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Software Engineer.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to the Course

    • Installing Code Editors

    • Join Developer Community

    • What is Problem solving?

    • What is C Programming?

    • Your First “hello world” Program

    • Simple Input and Output

    • Comments in Programming

    • Variables and Basic Data types

    • Working with Numbers and Math Operators

    • How do you feel about the course till Now ?

    • What are Constants?

    • Building a Basic Calculator

  • 2

    Strong Foundations

    • Introduction to Conditionals: If Statements

    • If else & Nested if else.

    • Ternary (conditional) Operator in C

    • Switch Statements in C.

    • Introduction to Loops in Programming.

    • While Loop.

    • Do-While Loop.

    • For Loop.

    • Student Feedback - 1

    • Keep Updated!

  • 3


    • Functions in C

    • Passing Arguments and Parameters in C.

    • Return Values in Function.

    • Pass by Value and Pass by Reference.

    • Scope Rules in C

    • Arrays in C

    • Types of Arrays

    • Passing Arrays as a Parameter

    • Multi-dimensional Array and Nested loops -Part 1

    • Multi-dimensional Array and Nested loops -Part 2

    • Exercise

  • 4


    • Pointers in C

    • Array of pointers.

    • Passing Pointers as Parameters to a Function.

    • Dereferencing Pointers.

    • Memory addresses.

    • Strings in C.

    • Reading files in C.

    • Writing files in C.

    • Student Feedback - 2

  • 5


    • Build a Number Guesser Game in C

    • Linkedlist PART-1

    • Linkedlist PART-2

    • Congratulations!


Sumedh Mallya

All the courses are superb.. Especially Javascript course.. The tutor also teaches very good.. They respond to the queries quickly and are more supportive e.. They are sharing knowledge not behind money.. Because they teach as well as provide certificate for free I Javascript course.. Keep it up Microegree

Pushparaj Battemaru

Java script course is really good course,I learnt lot about Java script from beginner level to intermediate level .This couse was really helped me a lot to learn new language in web development .The instructor was really good and his explaination style,voice (audio)and video clarity were crystal clear❤️.easily we can understand. In this course I learnt not only basics, it includes better parctical examples/around 3- 4 projects. And I will recommend you to take this course and it will help you to become a good developer. 🤝thank you microdegree for this great course🤝

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should Sign up?

    Anybody willing to learn Programming in a simple way could sign up. Students starting from the High School, Pre-University, Diploma, Engineering, Graduates, Freshers, Early Professional and even Experienced Professionals. Our Courses are designed keeping in mind to give clarity on programming foundations to move up to expert level irrespective of educational backgrounds.

  • Will I get a Certificate?

    Yes, you will get an e-Certificate of Completion once you successfully finish all the modules within your course. We track individual progress reports which includes micro lessons, quizzes, assignments etc.

  • Will I have to complete or submit any projects to get the Certification?

    No, you don't have to complete or submit any major projects to get an e-Certificate. Although, Courses include minor quizzes, assignments and take away projects for which 'Source Codes' would be shared by MicroDegree.

  • What is the duration to complete Courses?

    While you will have a life-time access to complete the courses, we recommend you to complete the courses by a month's time for better learning outcomes.

  • How can I get my Doubts clarified?

    You would be using our ' Discord Community' for instant doubt clarifications and also weekly 'Mentorship' is done through free webinars on respective courses by our expert educators.